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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Broken leg update....

4 weeks ago I posted about my disabled 3 year old's broken leg, happy to say he is now walking better than ever and is very very pleased with himself about the whole thing too. It is so wonderful to see.

It's hard to convey how stressful this whole episode was; it felt like he'd virtually only just started walking, then all of a sudden he couldn't and it was no mean feat for me to have to be carrying him as he's nearly a 1/3 of my weight now, then there was the anxious wait to see if it would all heal OK, followed by more waiting to see if he would get back to where he was.

Fortunately this episode has a happy ending and I really hope it is a one off. Have booked him an appointment with his consultant in May to amongst other things see if is is more likely to happen again for him than a 'normal' child or if he was just plain unlucky.

No one tells you how stressful being a parent is.

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Anonymous said...

Good Archie and Good Mum:)