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As well as being a freelance writer I am also a qualified counsellor and I work for a low cost counselling service in Exeter and for the NHS Gender Clinic also in Exeter.

Simultaneously, I work as a Disability Member of the First Tier Tribunal, Social Entitlement Chamber sitting on disability benefit tribunals on an ad hoc basis.

As a writer I specialise in writing about disability and health.

My articles have been published in the Guardian, Times, OUCH! [BBC disability website], Disability Now, Broadcast, Lifestyle [Motability magazine], The Practising Midwife, 'Junior, Pregnancy & Baby', Writers' News, Able, Getting There [Transport for London magazine], Junior, Community Care, DPPi [Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood International]. I have also had articles commissioned by Daily Mail.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

World's Worst Place to be Disabled - BBC 3 programme

Last night I watched a very harrowing documentary made by Sophie Morgan a disabled woman I interviewed a while ago when she was a contestant on a disabled modelling programme.

The programme 'The World's Worst Place to be Disabled' is about the treatment of disabled people in Ghana showing how disabled adults are kept hidden inside, chained up, and subjected to religious 'healing' by some very hideous individuals.  That is if they are not poisoned as children by fetish priests who are paid for doing this...

On the happier side the programme featured an amazing man, himself disabled, who is fundraising for a school for disabled children.  On his fundraising page supporter wall he welcomes donations for just $5 - that's about £3...

Have a look at the work he is doing:

Who is Ark?
Who is Ark? ​      Barimah Antwi, better known as Mr.  ​Ark, is a native of Ghana. He lives in a simple home  in the town of Maase, Offinso. Every day, he walks 
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If you can bear to watch the documentary it will be on BBC iPlayer for 17 more days from the date of this post.

If you can't bear to watch all of it then if you start it at 45mins in you'll see some more positive good bits including an interview with a 17 year old called Charles who I just wanted to scoop up and bring to the UK so he can fulfil his dream:

The World's Worst Place to Be Disabled?
Sophie Morgan visits Ghana to uncover the reality of many disabled people who live there.
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If you are reading this post after the 17 days have  lapsed you can see Charle's in a video on the Ark's Foundation website:

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Promoting the Rough Guide to Accessible Britain

I'm quoted in the following publicity for the excellent Rough Guide to Accessible Britain.

I'm always happy to promote the guide because as Kofi Annan once said "Knowledge is power.  Information is liberating".

So anything that disseminates information to disabled people has to be a good thing.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

National Geographic Traveller - feature on accessible travel

As a writer I'm normally in the business of finding people to provide quotes for the articles I write but it's always nice to be the other side of the equation and be quoted for a change as in this feature in National Geographic Traveller about accessible travel: