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As well as being a freelance writer I am also a qualified counsellor and I work for a low cost counselling service in Exeter and for the NHS Gender Clinic also in Exeter.

Simultaneously, I work as a Disability Member of the First Tier Tribunal, Social Entitlement Chamber sitting on disability benefit tribunals on an ad hoc basis.

As a writer I specialise in writing about disability and health.

My articles have been published in the Guardian, Times, OUCH! [BBC disability website], Disability Now, Broadcast, Lifestyle [Motability magazine], The Practising Midwife, 'Junior, Pregnancy & Baby', Writers' News, Able, Getting There [Transport for London magazine], Junior, Community Care, DPPi [Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood International]. I have also had articles commissioned by Daily Mail.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ian Brady - Time To Let Go? - Part 2

On the 2 July I wrote a post about Moors Murderer Ian Brady who wants to be allowed to die.  I said:

"I can't help wondering whether he should be granted his wish provided he puts the mother of Keith Bennett, one of the children he murdered, out of her misery and tell her where he buried his body. At least that would bring her closure after all these years. Is there any part of Brady that is humane enough to do that for her if he does know/still remember?"

Apparently he has now revealed, to one of his long term visitors, the location of Keith Bennett's body:

Does that mean he does have an inkling of humanity?

[I have to say there is a part of me which is very curious about his long term visitor- who are they, why did they start visiting, was the purpose of visiting to extract this very information?]

Friday, August 10, 2012

Guest Tweeter for Accessible Guide today

I was Guest Tweeter for #AccessibleGuide [Motability Operations] today, so have gone from not having a clue about Twitter to guest tweeting in a matter of weeks!

Tweeted from the fabulous and very accessible Haldon Forest [I should really be doing their PR!] which is featured in the Rough Guide to Accessible Britain:

Check out the great photos in the links below:


Our mention has to be for - if you missed Emma's Guest Tweeting this morning take a look through our feed,some great pics!
Huge thanks to Emma Bowler () for Guest Tweeting for us from Haldon Forest Park today. Looks like you all had a great day out!
Back at the car. Total expedition time nearly 3 hours. Everyone’s had a lovely walk and even the dog is ready for a nap. We’ll be back.
Love this homeward bound walk through the forest,just loving the great outdoors feeling,we have it all to ourselves too
Passing under people whizzing overhead on zip wires, it looks like great fun but not sure I would dare do it?
Have now joined the slightly more challenging Raptor Trail, heading down quite a steep slope but the Tramper just takes it in its stride.
Been to Haldon several times but arrived at the Bird of Prey viewpoint for the first time. Can’t see any,so eating cake
Just bumped into a group on Segways - 2 wheeled, self-balancing, electric vehicles. Mike suggests I give it a go… errr?
All of the Tweets this morning are coming courtesy of Guest Tweeter Emma Bowler ()
Ben’s hitched a ride with Archie; apparently they are playing ‘Batman and Harry’!?
We’re on the easy, very accessible Discovery Trail...
If you are in the South West and fancy hiring a Tramper have a look on for locations.
Tramper feels very sturdy. You have to twist the handlebar to keep it going so I feel like a biker. Albeit a slow one!
We’re here!Child1 on foot,check.Child2 with mobility scooter,check.Dog,check. Partner,check.Now I just need my Tramper
Just joined CountrysideMobilitySW scheme which hires Trampers - all terrain scooters.Off to HaldonForestPark near Exeter today
From here we are handing over to our Guest Tweeter for the day, Emma Bowler . Over to you Emma...
Stay tuned today for our Guest Tweeter, Emma Bolwer , who will be Tweeting her family day out in Haldon Forest Park
Exciting stuff! We have Emma Bowler guest tweeting for us tomorrow. Emma will be Tweeting from a summer family day out