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Monday, March 24, 2014

The power of the 'Can Do' Attitude...

I've come to the conclusion that it is essential for children to find something they CAN do and want to 'get into'.  When they find that thing it not only boosts their confidence and happiness while they are doing it but those positive effects permeate into other areas of their life too.

This is particularly important for a disabled child because so often they are comparing themselves [or are compared] to their peers and focusing on all the things they can't do.

So I was particularly pleased when my son Archie, who also has Kniest, recently won the 2013 ‘On the Move’ national competition for photographers with disabilities which is jointly organised by Mobility Choice, the charity responsible for delivering The Mobility Roadshow, and the Disabled Photographers’ Society (DPS).

He was so chuffed and last week even made it into the local paper so that won him some additional kudos at school too:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Emma. First a big well done to your lad. What an achievement! .. and maybe a future career? My daughter wants to pursue photography and we're learning that its more than point and click. Shes starting to learn about framing and light and composition - having an eye for a good picture is a must. I hope he continues after his early success. Maybe you could start a photo blog for him or open something like a blipfoto page.....
Thanks for posting again.