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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sometimes it's hard to tell the truth...

Recently Archie [who has Kniest Syndrome which means he will never be that tall] has talked about when he is older and with that he talks about being taller...

When I mentioned this to my partner Mike he said we mustn't lie to him; indeed I haven't lied to him but I have used vague words like 'possibly/maybe/I'm not sure/I don't think so' in response to comments Archie's made like "when I'm older I'll be as tall as daddy"....

I mean is there any point in saying to him at just 3 1/2 years old, "actually Archie you're not going to be as tall as daddy, you're probably going to be more like mummy's height"? In fact when Mike did say that to him the other day he said "no, I'm going to be as tall as you daddy..."

The thing is is the whole truth helpful at this stage? Will it help him to adjust to the reality of the future? Or could it possibly have a negative effect?

If you know the answer please tell me!

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altiebassi said...

Dear Emma, the answer? I do not know it..and I do not know which it will be the answer that we will give to our son Mattia. I do not know if it is soon in order to say to he the truth and do not know which truth is ready to understand thus young.May be you can say and show to him that persons of different heights exist, therefore you do not know how much high he will become.