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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Writing a children's book

I'm kind of wanting to simultaneously - alongside writing more articles, looking after 2 small children and trying to have a life - write a Children's book.

Consequently I was a little bit gutted today because I snatched a few moments to do a bit of "what's hot and what's not" on the children's book front only to find a book called "Little Archie"; in fact not just a book, a whole series of books about how a boy gets shrunk to a few inches and then gets into all sorts of trouble.

OK it's not exactly the idea I had but it's probably too similar for me to get away with writing any sort of story about a little boy called Archie who gets into big trouble....

The question is whether I can make my idea sufficiently different. I have ordered one of the offending titles and will see what it has to say for itself before I deduce whether or not it's back to the drawing [or is that writing] board or not. The perils of publishing.


Shanta Everington said...

Good luck with it! Have you looked at Scope's In The Picture campaign for inspiration?


Mike said...
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EmmaB said...

Thanks! Yes I've come across the In The Picture campaign. The best book I've read so far on writing for children is "How to Write Books for Children - and Get Published" by Louise Jordan. Watch this space...